Cornerstone Health Staff

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Founded in 2017 by Adrian McCullough

2/2/1975 - 3/17/2020

Cornerstone Health Partners was started by Adrian McCullough after finding the need for specialized assisted care for loved ones of her own.

Adrian was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware but spent many of her summers at our Delaware beaches with family and friends. She graduated from Dickinson High School in 1993 and later, after raising three children, she went on to finish her education at Wilmington University, where she received two masters degrees in Business and Health Administration. She spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry where she ultimately discovered that her passion was for the people. Adrian was a primary caretaker for her father when this passion first sparked, leading her to launch her ever-growing home healthcare business, Cornerstone Health Partners in 2018. The success of CHP had always been Adi's dream and will continue to be her legacy.

Anne Weaver


Anne Weaver received her Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA in 1992. Shortly after, she received her Master of Science in Counseling from Wilmington University in 1996.

She worked 8 years in counseling for the Diocese of Wilmington as a member of the Crisis Team for the Wilmington Schools. She assisted with children and their families, facilitated community funded programs, and provided counseling for Grief and Loss Groups through the Catholic Charities and Red Cross.

She is also a Board Member of the Beat the Beast Foundation; a non-profit organization that provides funding to individuals going through cancer treatment.

In November 2018, Anne joined Cornerstone Health Partners as the Vice President of the company.


Molly Hayes, BSN, RN


Molly Hayes received her Bachelor of Science Degree with a distinction in Nursing from the University of Delaware in 1994. She worked eight years as a Neuro ICU Nurse at the University of Virginia followed by two years in a Preanesthesia admissions testing unit. Most recently, Molly was employed by the Diocese of Philadelphia.

Jessica Weaver


Jessica Weaver received her Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree from Wilmington University. She has over eight years of caregiving experience for a diverse population. Jessica has been with Cornerstone for three years and specializes in companion and end of life care.

Kathryn DiBona


Katie DiBona lives in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, and her beloved Great Dane. Katie graduated from the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Italy and Greece, in the year 2000. Upon returning home she began her career in the corporate office of a well known East Coast convenience store as a Customer Service Specialist and eventually served as the Customer Service Manager for the chain for for 9 years. This role helped to cement her life long love of Customer focused service to others. Since that time she has held various customer centric roles and feels that, guided by faith, she was called to work with Cornerstone Health Partners.

Cindy Beach

Director of Continuing Education

Cindy Beach graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She primarily worked in home health care in Illinois and Delaware. Cindy has been with Cornerstone since October, 2020.


Finding The Need

Now, an entire notebook was filled with What Is Needed. Adrian learned the critical importance of chronic and terminal illness management and research while caring for her father, John Eckstein. Through the eyes of her very sick father, Adrian saw The Need


Discovering Our Passion

John became too sick to understand what the doctors were describing, to research alternatives, to keep track of his appointments and prescriptions, and to manage medications with their side effects. In addition to being very sick, John lost the ability to walk and drive. Adrian was fortunate to have the support of her family and friends while she worked to manage her father's care through his illnesses. Adrian left her position at a large pharmaceutical company to follow her passion to help others who are painfully experiencing What Is Needed. And thus the journey began.


Caring For The One We Love

And so...What Is Needed? It is the partnership between doctors, families, and patients, to increase a positive patient experience and better patient outcomes. People who are sick often want someone to help with their needs and to coordinate with doctors for the best care possible. Cornerstone Health Partners is solely focused on effectively assisting families and patients through difficult diagnoses with research, partnership, practical help, and dedication.


A Brighter Future For All...

The definition of Cornerstone is "the foundation that bears the weight of the others." From this meaningful definition, Cornerstone Health Partners LLC was created. Cornerstone Health Partners will bear the weight that often accompanies an illness. The Founder, Adrian McCullough, holds an Masters of Science in Health Administration , and an MBA in Marketing. Her team consists of a dedicated group of professionals with a common goal of helping others during their struggle with illness and distress. Services in healthcare include: home care, chronic disease management, transportation, mental illness, respite care, research, bill reconciliation, record management, and preventative measures.